Professional Connections

Extending your clients' success

When a client's needs stray from your core competencies, you need to be sure that the firm(s) you recommend will respect and uphold the relationship you have with them.

You need to be sure that, when you refer to another professional, neither you nor the client regret it.

We have award winning and market leading credentials. But beyond that, we strive to have a meaningful relationship with the firms we work with (and their clients, of course). We recognise that we are a relatively small firm and this makes it all the more important that the relationships we cultivate are valuable; to the referred clients, to the referring firm, and to us.

For this reason, we do not encourage a large number of relationships with other firms- we simply couldn't sustain a large number of firms as our client numbers are relatively small.

Where practicable, we have commercial relationships with firms. Clients do not pay more, but we recognise that where we cannot promise reciprocity, an alternative income in addition to a well looked after client may be desirable.

We provide integrated services to the following professional firms:

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